NumNum Pre-Spoon

NumNum Pre-Spoon

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$19.99 each

NumNum has created a new, unique way of introducing self-feeding to kids. Pre-Spoons are designed for babies who have not developed wrist rotation yet. To help with that, these spoons are completely flat to ensure there is no wrong way to hold it. With this special design your baby will be making a scooping motion in no time and will be ready to move onto a real spoon.

The NumNum Pre-Spoon comes in a two pack, either blue and orange or purple and pink. The first spoon doubles as a feeding teether and is designed for kids using utensils for the first time. Once your baby has mastered the food-to-mouth motion, they can graduate to the second spoon, which is meant for thicker blends and picks up more food.

  • Flat head design ensures no wrong way of holding it
  • Help your baby develop feeding skills
  • Requires no scooping or balancing food on the spoon
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with FDA-grade TPE and Polypropylene